Using PHP MVC Frameworks in a web project development is a good practice for a growing startup. PHP Frameworks give developers a set of tools for focusing on scalability and functionality and provide a high level of abstraction for further development



Symfony is used by many large companies, many websites and Open-source projects are also powered by Symfony. It’s a fast and scalable framework with huge community of developers who contribute to a Symfony project.

Some Symfony components (Request, Response, Console) are used by other frameworks



One of advantages of Laravel is an Eloquent ORM for a simple work with database and requests creation. RESTful routing is another advantage of Laravel as developer can set a type of request, merge routes into groups and add pre-filtering. Usage of Composer accelerates web application development.

Laravel is a rapidly developed framework, newer versions are released on a regular basis and Laravel community grows every day



I like Yii because of full OOP support and code generation. Another useful thing about Yii is a flexible caching system that allows to cache separate variables, sql requests and even entire pages! Yii allows to use libraries from other frameworks for an effective development and it’s XSS-protected.



Simple framework that is pretty useful for a simple websites and is usually used for a fast development of admin side of a website. However I don’t recommend to use this framework for a high-load websites cause of lack of core performance.


Each framework has it’s own handy tools, useful features, community and contributors, but my choice is Laravel Framework. What I really like about is is a combination of Yii/CakePHP simplicity and Symfony abstractions that gives me an ability to rapidly build products and use this basis for further scaling without rewriting a code and changing technologies. Laravel Framework attracts more and more developers every day that’s why it is a good choice in terms of further support of a stable product.