Popular PHP Frameworks

Using PHP MVC Frameworks in a web project development is a good practice for a growing startup. PHP Frameworks give developers a set of tools for focusing on scalability and functionality and provide a high level of abstraction for further development   Symfony Symfony is used by many large companies, many websites and Open-source projects […]

Send attachment with AJAX

An HTML5 allows to send attachments with AJAX request. In order to attach a file, you need to create a FormData object like in a code snippet below:

Outsourcing software development. 4 useful tips for product owners

During last 4 years working in Web development outsourcing area I had a chance to work on both sides – as Contractor, when I served client’s business needs and as Client when I was outsourcing development of my personal projects to the remote web development teams. Here I’ll try to list best practices that will […]

WordPress: get_categories returns an empty array

After spending half an hour for debugging a new WordPress project found out that get_categories() function will return you an empty set of values every time you don’t add ‘hide_empty’ to a list of options. By default it is set to 1 and WordPress hides all the categories that do not contain any post. Honestly, quite […]

3 useful tips for Laravel 5 beginners

Hi! Today I’d like to talk about a bunch of small Laravel 5 things that made me google when I did my first Laravel 5 application 1. CSRF token from a form include this line to your form to prevent CSRF token error 2. Timestamps are to be used by default Disable timestamp in a model […]